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Virtual lessons


I began offering virtual lessons in response to COVID-19. I quickly realized how useful remote lessons are – both for enabling fitness progress in a safe environment, and for expanding my capacity to work with individuals outside of the Portland area.


If you are looking to train and don't feel comfortable in a gym or around a trainer, choose virtual lessons to meet your goals! 


Virtual Youth Boxing Lessons And Personal Trainging: Working virtually with a trainer allows your child to be able to get out some excess energy and earn those PE credits! They also have the ability to safely work with their friends in a virtual lesson by signing up for a semi-private or group lesson. It is a lot of fun! 


Book a virtual lesson today! 


While it is nearly impossible to guarantee complete safety from COVID-19, I have strict rules and policies in place to at least help keep you safe. I take my temperature everyday before I see clients and ask that if you aren't feeling well to please reschedule. I require that all my clients wear masks and own their own boxing gloves and hand wraps. All other equipment will be provided by me. If you are not a boxing client, you do not have to worry about equipment. I sanitize everything before and after each use. I will not have any contact with my clients physically, unless it is through focus mitts or noodles but I keep my distance as much as possible to ensure both our safety. I currently offer gym and virtual lessons. The gym is cleaned and sanitized properly before and after each client. If you are a client that is immunocompromised, virtual lessons may be for you! There are ways to train and stay safe!


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