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As the type of person who expresses themselves physically, sports and fitness have offered an essential outlet for me throughout my life. While I always enjoyed team sports and martial arts, I lacked self-confidence until I discovered boxing. At the suggestion of a friend, I signed up for my cardio class at a local gym. I quickly became enamored with the sport, escalating my skill-sets through a competitive league. The passion I have for boxing is effusive, and I find joy in teaching others.


In addition to enabling me to share my enthusiasm with others, serving as a boxing instructor has allowed me to hone my abilities as a coach and athlete. I strongly believe that a cookie-cutter training regime is an ineffective approach to fitness. Instead, I develop tailored routines based on the age, mobility, fitness and athletic goals of each client. Through this work, my clients consistently challenge me to become a more creative and effective coach. 




Body-Positive & Inclusive Personal Training. Over the course of my career, I’ve worked with individuals of all ability levels to help them build confidence & find their inner strength. As a life-long athlete, I’ve witnessed how exclusionary the training world can be. I believe that everyone should find empowerment through their fitness journey. As a trainer, I aim to be a source of encouragement. We all need someone in our corner rooting for us to thrive and I am in yours! Let me support you as you find your inner strength – whatever that looks like to you – because, just stepping into the gym, you're already rocking it! 


Adolescent & Youth Boxing Lessons. I’ve been working closely with youth boxers for several years. During this time, I’ve discovered how rewarding lessons can be for kids in need of an outlet. In line with this, I’ve provided tailored boxing training regimens to youth experiencing social and behavioral issues, as well as neurodivergent individuals.


Recovering, Injured or Injury-Prone. I’m all too familiar with the woes of recovering from injuries. In fact, in my first fight, I dislocated my shoulder in the second round. This injury was a turning point, as it led me to purse a Pediatrics Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. Through my professional and educational endeavors, I am to instruct young athletes on how to be smart with their bodies and in their workouts, so that they can pursue their dreams as competitive athletes. 

Qualifications & Certifications


  • Strength and Conditioning ~ ISSA

  • CPR certified 


  • Nutritional Meal Planning~NASM

  • Youth Fitness~ NASM

  • Adaptive and Inclusive Certified

  • Boxing and Martial Arts Training


When new clients come in, the first thing I ask them is, "What hurts when you move?" We all have ideas of where we "should" be. Whether you are new to movement or a seasoned veteran, I promise to meet you right where you are. 


Everyone comes in with a unique own vision of their movement journey. Goals might revolve around muscle gain, stability, strength, stamina, or even building your body up to walking up a flight of stairs. Fitness objectives are often centered around weight loss and physical appearance. These goals can be valid, and we can work towards them together. However, I encourage my clients to find joy in the process and explore how physical activity can be an outlet for self-expression. 


It is important to remember that we are all in different places and when we work together, we’ll invite a sense of empowerment to pursue newfound strength. This is your time and I can't wait to get moving with you!


I offer classes and single sessions, but the real magic happens when we work together over time. This allows us to build off of your foundation to achieve real, impressive results. Sliding scale pricing is available. Reach out to me with any questions and let’s get moving!

I Offer the following options:

  • Classes

  • Private Sessions

  • Session Packages

  • Small Group Training (2-6)

  • Large Group Training (8-20)

  • Nutritional Meal Planning

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